Safety Concerns

General resources

Natural Gas WatchThis website documents explosions, leaks, and other operator failures relating to natural gas pipelines across the country.

Pipeline Safety Trust“The Pipeline Safety Trust is a nonprofit public charity promoting fuel transportation safety through education and advocacy, by increasing access to information, and by building partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government, and industry, that result in safer communities and a healthier environment.”

Partnering to Further Enhance Pipeline Safety In Communities Through Risk-Informed Land Use Planning: Final Report of Recommended PracticesNovember 2010 report by the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (sponsored by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration)

Pipeline Safety Community Toolboxwebsite developed by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


Information about the Millennium Pipeline Company

New York’s Silent But Deadly Fracking Problem,, 6/19/14

Malfunction Alarm Sounds at Minisink Compressor –, 5/1/14

Family evacuated over pipeline problem – The Daily Star, 12/7/13

Residents Evacuate Home on Hungry Hill – Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, 12/6/13

Rural New York Township Fights FERC-Approved Gas Compressor – Truthout, 9/22/2013

Clear and Present Danger: The Hungry Hill Compressor StationDescription of testimony during Aug 2, 2012 FERC public hearing on the Hancock Compressor Station, which was proposed and is now located on Hungry Hill in the Town of Hancock, Delaware County, NY

Feds Say Major New York Gas Pipeline Poses Safety Risk – ProPublica, 8/5/2011



Maps of Pipeline Accidents

Map of Recent US Pipeline IncidentsFracTracker has created a map of US pipeline incidents between Jan 2010 and March 2013.

Pipeline Safety TrackerProPublica mapped accidents that federal regulators categorized as “significant incidents” between 1986 and Sept 2012.



News Articles and Industry Reports

Danger Beneath: ‘Fracking’ Gas, Oil Pipes Threaten Rural Residents, NBC News, 8/25/14

What do you get for a million gallon spill, a billion dollar cleanup, and four years?, The Smart Pig Blog, 7/25/14

Q&A: Top Pipeline Safety Advocate on His 15-Year ‘Bambi vs. Godzilla’ Fight, Inside Climate News, 6/24/14

The Pipeline Safety Dilemma: The US Department of Transportation’s Slow Implementation of the 2011 Pipeline Safety Act, Mondaq, 6/23/14

Pipeline company ‘slightly safer’ than most, but recent mishaps trigger probe, Lancaster Online 6/8/14

Williams Probe Expanded on ‘Unusual’ Gas Accidents Trio, Bloomberg 5/15/14

The Real Reason Keystone XL Might Fail, Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/30/14

PHMSA’s State Pipeline Safety Program Lacks Effective Management and Oversight, US Dept of Transportation, 5/7/14

Pipeline Regulator Cutting Its Staff By 9 Percent Despite An Increase In Pipeline Spills In 2013,, 4/28/14

Legislative hearing focuses on expanding state oversight of pipelines, StateImpact Pennsylvania, 4/10/14

In wake of deadly NYC explosion, Sen. Ed Markey pushes legislation to deal with aging natural gas infrastructure,, 3/27/14

Beneath Cities, a Decaying Tangle of Gas Pipes, NY Times, 3/23/14

How Dangerous Are the Gas Pipes Under Your City?, The Atlantic Cities, 3/21/14

Explosion in East Harlem Leaves at Least Six Dead, The Wall Street Journal, 3/13/14

Massive gas explosion at Ewing condo complex kills 1, injures 7 utility workers, damages 55 homes,, 3/4/14

Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Pipeline Rupture, Sissonville, West Virginia, December 11, 2012, National Transportation Safety Board Accident Report, 2/19/14

Gas Pipeline Ruptures Under Raritan River, Shooting Water Into The Air, New Brunswick Today, 2/14/14

Blast rocks Kentucky natural gas pipeline amid storm, Reuters, 2/13/14   NOTE: NiSource is also an owner of the Millennium Pipeline.

Pipeline Leak Detection Still Doesn’t Work, Inside Climate News, 1/22/14

Researchers find nearly 6,000 natural gas leaks in District’s aging pipe system, Washington Post, 1/16/14

Fire at Windsor natural gas compressor under investigation, Press & Sun-Bulletin, 1/7/14  Note: For more on Williams Company’s poor safety record, click here.

Natural gas lines go through lives, too,, 12/29/13

North Dakota requires companies to report pipeline locations, FuelFix, 12/25/13

U.S. Won’t Tighten Pipeline Rules, The Wall Street Journal, 12/22/13   See also:

Top Pipeline Regulator: Lack of Oversight ‘Keeps Me Up At Night,’ In These Times, 12/19/13

SoCalGas Offers Tips on Preventing, Spotting, and Responding to Natural Gas Leaks, press release from Southern California Gas Company, 12/19/13

Bluegrass Uprising, The Nation, 12/18/13

“Just the Reality”: Pipeline Safety Official Admits He’d Avoid Buying a Home Near Pipelines Like Keystone XL, DeSmogBlog, 12/3/13

Pipeline ruptures, explodes in Pettis County, Action News, 11/29/13

Pipeline Deaths Put China’s Urbanization in Focus, Wall Street Journal, 11/25/13     See also:

US pipeline conversions, gas flow reversals raise safety concerns, Platts, McGraw Hill Financial, 11/22/13

Exxon Overlooked, Masked Safety Threats in Years Before Pegasus Pipeline Burst, Inside Climate News, 11/14/13

Small Texas town forced to evacuate after gas pipeline explodes, New York Daily News, 11/14/13

Evacuations in Milford after Pipeline Explosion, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth, 11/14/13

Valley Grove Home Destroyed, The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register, 10/25/13

Oklahoma pipeline blast sparks huge blaze, spurs evacuations, CBS News, 10/9/13

Americans Finding Themselves Powerless To Stop Pipeline Companies From Taking Their Land – Inside Climate News, 9/16/13

Pipeline Safety Chief Says His Regulatory Process Is ‘Kind of Dying’ – Inside Climate News, 9/11/13

Much unresolved on third anniversary of San Bruno, Calif., pipeline blast – The Bulletin, 9/8/13

Oil pipelines monitored for safety – Tulsa World, 9/1/13

Multiple injuries reported at Branchburg gas pipeline facility flash fire –, 5/30/13


Images of pipeline accidents (click to enlarge)

Appomattox, VA 2008

Appomattox, VA
September 14, 2008   (click here for source)








San Bruno, CA  September 9, 2010

San Bruno, CA
September 9, 2010  (click here for source)








Washington Parish, LA  June 18, 2013

Washington Parish, LA
June 18, 2013  (click here for source)







Washington Parish, LA  June 18, 2013

Washington Parish, LA
June 18, 2013 (click here for source)


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