Local news articles

Natural gas pipeline on hold…for now, WBNG Action News, 12/19/13

Plan for Binghamton to Syracuse pipeline cut in half, WRVO, 12/18/13

Pipeline plan cut back: Section canceled over lack of market interest, Cortland Standard, 12/18/13

Natural gas shipper abandons plans for pipeline into Syracuse area, Syracuse Post Standard, 12/18/13

Gas Line Opposition Group Holds Forum on Proposed I-81 Pipeline, WXHC.com, 9/24/13

Opposition forms to proposed Binghamton to Syracuse pipeline, Innovation Trail, 9/23/13

Millennium Pipeline looks to move more Marcellus gas with Dominion, Marcellus Drilling News 9/9/13

Joe Heath speaks with Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom, 8/22/13

Proposed line would move natural gas from Binghamton to Syracuse, Innovation Trail 5/20/13

Natural gas shipper proposes new pipeline from Binghamton to Syracuse area, The Post-Standard 5/17/13


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