Economic Impacts

News Articles and Industry Reports

Pipeline Companies Paying More to Cross Private Land, The Texas Tribune, 6/18/14

National Energy Board says companies must set aside money to abandon pipelines, Edmonton Journal, 5/31/14

Gulf Stream: Williams Suspends Bluegrass Gas Export Pipeline, Announces New Export Line, Nation of Change, 5/3/14

Texas Landowners Win $2.1 Million Judgment Against Pipeline Company Over Lower Property Value,, 3/24/14

Constitution Pipeline announces latest grant recipients,, 2/26/14

Infrastructure main US gas development challenge, NARUC panel told, Oil & Gas Journal, 2/12/14

Northeast’s Record Natural Gas Prices Due to Pipeline Dearth, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/6/14

Construction on proposed NY Mainline Loop Pipeline could begin next year,, 12/23/13   Note discussion of property taxes.

Bluegrass Uprising, The Nation, 12/18/13   Note discussion of markets for methane and natural gas liquids on p.2

New Report Spotlights Strong Midstream Sector Growth in Shale Oil and Gas Development, Pepper Hamilton, LLP, 11/28/13

States urged to ‘step up’ and fund new gas pipelines, Natural Gas Daily, 11/25/13

New pipeline infrastructure needed to meet US demand, Natural Gas Daily, 12/22/13

Williams 3Q13: Income Down 10% Companywide, NE Still Not Profitable, Marcellus Drilling News, 11/1/13  Note discussion of the impact of low gas prices.

Unplugging Bottlenecks in Oil and Gas Deliveries, New York Times, 10/8/13

Pipeline Projects could give Northeast much-needed takeaway capacity –, 9/20/13  Note references to Kinder Morgan (owner of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline) and Dominion.

Aging US Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Costs Consumers Billions – Forbes, 9/30/13


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